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Interview with Siffy and Tor Torkildson, editors of “The Walkabout Chronicles”

“The Walkabout Chronicles: Epic Journeys By Foot” is an illustrated collection of 35 essays about walking. The writers include scientists and archeologists, artists, explorers, and “ordinary people who do extraordinary things…”

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Cuba Bookshelf

I’ve just finished teaching “Cuba: A Literary Adventure,” in Havana, for the first time. Here are some of the titles I used in class, along with a lot more, for my students who would like to read more about Cuba, as well as for anyone else who has an interest in learning about this most fascinating and wonderful place.

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Lessons Learned in Cuba

“You’ll love it and it will break your heart,” one of my clients said to me a few days before I left on my first trip to Havana. He was so right!

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Why Paris? Reason #3

Paris has traditionally been a welcoming place for African-American writers, many of whom wrote about the experience.

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Why Paris? Reason #2

The French have a term for it: laisser-faire, and it means, basically, that minding your own business is a beautiful thing…

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Why Paris? Reason #1

Why have artists and writers (and everyone else) through the centuries fallen in love with Paris?

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“America is my country, and Paris is my home town.”

…although it is certainly not the only place in the world that has attracted more than its fair share of artists over the centuries, both the strength and the persistence of its appeal invites the question, “Why Paris?”

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