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Being “Up to Here In It”…Together

It is pretty amazing what happens when people tell the truth about where they are coming from, the truths they have lived, what they really think and believe.

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Writing from the Heart in Essoyes

Fond memories of Writing from the Heart 2008…and anticipation of a new adventure in Essoyes!

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Why Paris? Reason #2

The French have a term for it: laisser-faire, and it means, basically, that minding your own business is a beautiful thing…

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Hawaii’s Gift to the Nation…Barack Obama

Fifty years ago Hawaii became our fiftieth state. And in something of a role reversal, the state has given the nation a very special gift…

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Why Paris? Reason #1

Why have artists and writers (and everyone else) through the centuries fallen in love with Paris?

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Essoyes, a wonderful little village in Champagne

…a perfect place to steal away and write from the heart…

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“America is my country, and Paris is my home town.”

…although it is certainly not the only place in the world that has attracted more than its fair share of artists over the centuries, both the strength and the persistence of its appeal invites the question, “Why Paris?”

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