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What Should I Do When I’m in Paris? (An Anti-Tourist Guide)

People often ask me what they should be sure to see or do while they are in Paris.
Of course the answer to this question depends a lot on who you are, what interests you, and how long you will be there….

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One American Veteran’s Memory of the Battle of the Bulge

“One thing I noticed, that the Argonne Forest, so many bullets had gone through there that the trees were mostly stumps. Very few branches on the trees there…”

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Keeping Immigration in Perspective

“Immigration is not a new story in this country. Almost all of our families came from somewhere else…”

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Au revoir, Paris…

There is always a little bit of melancholy in the last few days I am here each year…then the whisper, or the saying-it-aloud as I head down the beautiful streets and toward the airport, at least when my kids were younger and were there with me to say it: “Au revoir, Paris, merci!”…

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