Writing from the Heart…in Paris!


This six-day writing seminar in Paris—a source of inspiration for writers, poets, and artists throughout history—will provide you with the time, the courage, and the inspiration to write about whatever is most important to you.

Whether you’ve spent your entire professional life writing (but have not had the chance to focus on writing from the heart), or your desire to write is a secret you’re not sure you want anyone to even know about (!), this seminar will help you shake off your fears and get comfortable writing with the support of a small, nurturing, nonjudgmental group of sympathetic listeners, and the guidance of Janet Hulstrand, an expert teacher, writer and editor.


Mornings will be spent in group writing sessions. Afternoons and evenings you will be free to explore the city on your own or with others in the group. OR you might choose to simply buckle down and continue to work on your writing: in your room or in one of the hotel salons; or in a Parisian café, park, museum, or other space of your choosing.

Sandwich Jambon, Vin Ordinaire

“Paris is always a good idea…”

The next session is scheduled for August 4-10, 2019. Are you ready for this adventure? Sure you are!  Want to know more? https://www.politics-prose.com/travel/writing-heart-of-paris

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